lowdown 30

Straight up, soju-fuelled blues rock from the Republic of Korea, Lowdown 30 is a simmering Seoul trio known for throwing down searing guitars, throbbing bass, and pounding beats.

The leader of the legendary band 'Noizgarden' which ended in late 90s but still on words of music listeners' mouths, Yoon Byeong-Joo is writing his new history with Bassist Kim Rock-Gun and Drummer Kim Tae-Hyun.

Since releasing their first album in 2008, Lowdown 30 has been playing at national and international music festivals including SXSW and CMW(Canadian Music Week). Also they've been touring throughout United States, experiencing the atmosphere of clubs abroad with other Korean band like Goonam, who've been in Midem 2013 and No Brain. Lowdown 30's albums got nice reactions too. They are continuously nominated in Korean Music Awards and won regional and global music awards.


Jaira 2008

The title 'Jaira' is short word for 'Just another indie rock album', meaning that it might be 'just another indie album' in the era of producing music easily with only simple recording devices and a computer. It's an irony about flashy promotions and big words of advertising albums. Lowdown 30 rather thought what matters the most is inside the album, contents of music.

So what's inside of this album [Jaira]? Some might call their music 'Blues Rock' and some other would call them 'Jam rock', one of trendy genre in U.S. However, watching Lowdown 30 live-performing, defining their musical region is in vain. For now just call it 'Lowdown 30's very-own rock music based on blues and classic rock'.

Another Side of Jaira, 2010 (EP)

Lowdown 30 had been planning on making this EP since the release of their first album. It contents raw and vivid sound of live performance different from refined studio recording. Leader Yoon Byeong-Joo emphasize that it's an album made up of joy-of jamming with great members who share taste and interest together, and also conveying that joy to their listeners.

Also different from prior album is that the EP invited several guest instrument players, giving audience wider variety of sounds. In the song 'Memory of a damp', jazz-blues guitar player, Soo-wook Jung gives laid-back blues sounds contrasting to Yoon's searing guitar solo. In other song 'It's alright', a famous guitarist of Japan and also a leader of southern rock band 'Leotard Skynyrd' , Juan Minao is playing his southern-rock styled sticky and playful guitar solo.

Asphalt, 2010 (Single)

'Asphalt' is a pre-released song from Lowdown 30's next album '1', which is stressing on the originality of the band's own sound. This single is pressing one of the most original songs. It's specially featured by a big name in Korean hip-hop scene, Joosuc, adding up polish of entire song with impeccably constructed rhymes.

1, 2012

Lowdown 30 has been renowned for their original sound and their second full album '1' is showing every aspect of their fame. Overall, the album was full of diverse sounds, refined but energetic.

The album consists of bluesy and earlier cross-over rock sound, mixing up with colorfully diverse sound of electronic(track 3 'Plastic ero-module), auto-tuned vocal(track 2 'Asphalt'), traditional Korean music(track 4 'Pretty pity') and other different sounds as well, bringing the band to the next level of nesting 'Lowdown 30's own genre.

The perfect arrangement of pre-released song 'Asphalt' is also noticeable. Comparing to prior mix where the instrument sounded like hip-hop sound track, this version clearly opens up rock-tasted sound drum-bass-guitar.

A Trip Too Long, 2013 (Single)

This sudden single release gives listeners a pleasant surprise. 'A trip too long' is aiming modern people, suffering illness called 'blue'. Life really is 'a trip too long' for those. The groovy sound of Lowdown 30 is intended to make people sway their body while walking in the dark or driving cars. The unique sound of Lowdown 30 again draws listeners' anticipation for their next album.

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